Andretta Smothers, Gervanni Davis’s Girlfriend Bio, Age, Daughter, Abuse

By | April 1, 2024

Andretta Smothers Biography

Andretta is an Instagram Influencer, Public Figure, Sportsperson Partner from Baltimore, Maryland, USA who is famous for being the ex-girlfriend and the mother to the child of the world champion boxer Gervonta Davis.

How old is Andretta Smothers?

She was given birth to in 1994 in Baltimore Maryland, USA. Smothers is 26 years old as of 2020.

Andretta Smothers and Gervanni Davis relationship

She has a child with her ex-boyfriend professional boxer Gervonta Davis. The two have an unstable relationship, their daughter, Gervanni Davis, was given birth to in April 2018. Smothers dragged Davis to a family court in December 2018 to make him increase the child support up to $2200 a month, to every month income of $ 10,000 that was more aligned with Davis. From the total pay level to the month she was getting. Davis also said that in exchange for child help, he would again and again ask for sex from her.

Andretta Smothers’ Boyfriend attack

come February 2020, Davis was ambushed on a video man handling Smothers by her neck and dragging her out of her chair during a charity basketball game in Miami, Florida, a night before the Super Bowl. In the video, he pushed Smothers out of the door as terrified people watched him. The two were finally escorted out of the on-site security game. The security. At approximately 7:15 a.m.

On February 5th, 2020, In light of the accident, Davis was imprisoned and accused of simple domestic brutality, coming up of the cassation for the event. In the middle of a proceeding investigation of the victims through social media on Feb. 1st, 2020, Davis has been sermoned to beat Andretta. Davis gave up to the police officers of Coral Gable assigned to the event, a statement claimed by the police of Coral Gables’ ‘Independence A statement was dated from Deponent David.

To add on the evidence indicates that when Smothers left the camera range, Davis further brutalized Smothers. Davis took Smothers to the back room and then fiddled her with a closed puffy, injured her face and lip over and over. Smothers gave the wrote a statement to the police, cooperated with their investigation, and permitted the police to take photos of her wounds.

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