Ben Robinson Biography, Age, Father, Girlfriend, Net Worth and Yacht

By | March 21, 2024

Ben Robinson Biography

Ben is a famous master chef and TV reality star that has built his name by featuring on the Bravo series Below Deck Mediterranean.

How old is Ben Robinson?

He was born in 1980 in Oxford, England. The internet cook is 40 years old as of August 7th 2021.

Ben Robinson Family

He’s a son to author Patrick Robinson. He’s a brother to James Robinson who serves at Robinson Speakers Bureau. The mother is a cook who introduced him to the kitchen at an early age of five years.

Are Emily and Ben still together?

He’s been in two relationships so far known of, he was dating a health coach and actress Emily Warburton-Adams. The two separated when Emily was going back to London her home. He is lately in a relation with Kiara Cabral. He for the first time shared a photo of them on his Instagram account on May 22nd 2020.

Ben Robinson Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $2 million. He has gathered his wealth from his profession as a chef and as a Social media star.

Ben Robinson Career

Robinson is highly qualified In the culinary arts, and does an exemplary work of managing a tight schedule onboard the ship. He is playing a Digeridoo. He grew up on Cape Cod. He was trained to cook by his mother at a tender age of 5. He trained with master chefs in Florence and had a 3 Michelin Star restaurant apprenticeship. As a yacht chef, Ben has started many of his own companies and is on very high demand. He was requested to come back with Mila Kolomeiseva due to the fiasco, and he agreed to the offer.

Ben is a professional and he understands the requirements of being a chef for yacht cooking. Ben has a line of many products that stock things like knives for chefs. Robinson has been the head chef of yachts For over 10 years, not forgetting the world’s biggest sailing yacht. Ben is fully convinced that food is medicine and art and goes on to develop nutritionally aware, cutting-edge cuisine.

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