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By | April 26, 2024

Iris Apatow Biography

Iris is an actress from the US famous for her part in the Netflix series Love, and also in the movies Knocked Up and This Is 40. She as well featured in Knocked Up, a film that was directed by her father.

How old is Iris Apatow?

She was born in the year 2002 in Los Banos, California, US. She is 18 years old as of 12th October 2020.

Iris Apatow Family

Apatow is among the daughters of filmmaker Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann. Her older sister Maude Apatow is as well an actress. Her father is from a Jewish family and her maternal great-grandmother was of Finnish ancestry.

Iris Apatow Net Worth

Apatow began building her empire when she was still tender. Her wealth is estimated at between $300 thousand – $500 thousand dollars.

Are Leslie Mann’s daughters in this is 40?

She was featured as Charlotte, their 8-year-old daughter in the year 2012 American comedy film This Is 40.


Debbie now owns a boutique and hires Desi and Jodi five years after the happenings of Knocked Up. Pete manages his own record label with the assistance of his friends Ronnie and Cat. Pete’s company is experiencing financial crisis as he helps Graham Parker & The Rumour’s reunion. The two also has to deal with their two children, Sadie, a young adolescent, and Charlotte, who is eight years old. Debbie makes the decision to better her marriage and family by exercising and spending more time with her father.

Debbie finds out she’s expectant in the last episode and tries to keep it a secret from Pete. As the principal dismisses the pair for using the s, the characters are very happy. The characters are ecstatic when the principal dismisses the two for using the same foul language they had before used, and the couple is expelled from school. The last episode of the show was aired on October 31st 2009.

Iris Apatow Funny People

Apatow was featured as Ingrid in the the year 2009 American black comedy-drama film Funny People.


George Simmons is a retired stand-up comedian who became a movie star in his forties. When he is discovered to have acute myeloid leukemia, he is given an experimental treatment with an 8% success rate. He comes back to his roots of stand-up comedy, trusting he is about to die. Laura, George’s ex-fiancée, is now wife to Clarke, and George reconnects with her. Laura must choose between her husband Clarke and George, whom she claims to have cheated on her. In the love triangle, Ira is not on George’s side all the time, so when things don’t work in George’s favor in the end, he fires Ira.

Iris Apatow Love

She featured as Arya Hopkins in the American romantic comedy streaming TV series Love.


Mickey and Gus are two unfaithful people, each with considerable emotional baggage, attempting to built a trusting relationship with each other; Mickey is totally lost in alcohol, a love/sex addict, and a viral killer; Gus is an alcoholic, a love/sex addict, and a viral killer; the series is billed as a “down-to-earth look at dating,” exploring male and female viewpoints on romantic relationships via the characters Mickey and Gus, acted by Jacobs and Rus.

Iris Apatow Movies

  •  2022 – The Bubble
  • 2016–2018 – Love
  •  2016 – Sausage Party
  •  2012 – This Is 40 – Charlotte
  •  2009 – Funny People
  •  2007 – Knocked Up

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