Jay Wheelz Bio, Parents, Diagnosis, Cause of Death, wheelchair

By | April 14, 2024

Jay Wheelz Biography

JayWheelz was born in the US, his real name is Joshua Smith. He was a YouTuber and Comedian who became famous for featuring on the YouTube comedy series Roast Me. In August 2018, he began his comedy profession. Jay cast a spot on Wild ‘N Out on MTV in 2019. He always considered himself as Skit Man/Comedian.

How old was Jay Wheelz at His death?

He was born in 1991 in Washington DC. He passed away at the age of 29 in April 2020.

Jay Wheelz Family

Although he had not revealed much about his family, his mother came public at the time she was giving a kidney to him. He gave an emotional message via his Facebook account giving gratitude to his mother for rescuing his life.

How did Jay end up in a wheelchair?

His wheelchair life started in the year 2019 after he had dialysis for kidney problems. As he was still alive, he gave little information about his struggle. On March 30th, he and his mom went to a kidney transplant and gave a kidney to his son with his mother. JayWheelz stated on his Facebook Wheelz to explain the challenges of his life in January 2020, stating that sometimes he saw life as a big match. He as well said that he was knocked down a lot in life that he could be in hospitals, with several things. Nevertheless, he always stood up and still fights for life. JayWheelz said earlier January 2020 that most of 2019 he was on dialysis for issues with the kidney.

He went on to say that he would pursue his dreams to encourage others to chase their own dreams, but he stated on his Facebook page, “Wheelchair, dialysis, nothing of this will defeat me slim.” In another post same as that about the time JayWheelz claimed that his objective was to bring people up to the funniest guy on wheels.

Jay Wheelz Cause of Death

His passing on was confirmed by his friend Patrick Cloud on April 18th 2020. Even though he passed away at the period of the coronavirus pandemic, it was confirmed that the pandemic wasn’t the reason of his death. Nevertheless, his cause of death was not made known to the public for reasons not known.

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