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By | May 22, 2024

Jessica St. Clair Biography

Jessica St. Clair is a correct Citizens Brigade Theatre-based American actor as well as improvisational comedian. She co-created and featured in NBC’s Best Friends Forever as well USA Network’s Playing House together with longtime collaborator Lennon Parham. She is currently the primary voice on Adult Swim’s animated comedy Royal Crackers.

Jessica St. Clair Age

She was born in the year 1976 in Princeton, New Jersey, US. She is 47 years old as of 21st September 2023.

Jessica St. Clair Husband

St. Clair is loving wife to Dan O’Brien, a writer and poet. They together have a daughter. Come 2015, St. Clair said that she and Lennon Parham had learned Transcendental Meditation.

Net Worth

She has a net worth estimated at $2 million.

Jessica St. Clair Illness

Come the year 2017, St. Clair opened up on her breast cancer treatment after being diagnosed in the month of September 2015, and this was put together into the third season of Playing House when her character Emma was as well diagnosed.


St. Clair has sky rocketed to fame for her frequent guest performances (often together with Lennon Parham) on podcasts such Comedy Bang! Bang!, where she acted the show’s young intern Marissa Wompler. In the year 2015, St. Clair and Parham made a new Earwolf podcast named WOMP It Up!. In it, St. Clair acted presenter Marissa Wompler and Parham co-hosted as Marissa’s instructor, Miss Listler. Brian Huskey, who acted Marissa’s stepfather Seth, and Jason Mantzoukas, who acted her previous flame Eric “Gutterballs” Gutterman, are all the time podcast guests. The podcast aired through the summer in the year 2015, coming back after a vacation on November 16th 2015. Beginning of 2021, St. Clair and June Diane Raphael unveiled their own podcast, The Deep Dive, on the Earwolf network.

Royal Crackers

She featured as Deborah “Deb” Hornsby, Stebe’s wife in the American adult animated sitcom Royal Crackers. She works on the board of directors for Royal Crackers Incorporated and is in control of the Hornsby family’s social media profiles. She, like her loving husband, is preoccupied with her in-laws’ business and gives little attention to her son.

Royal Crackers Incorporated, a once-famous snack food company that makes saltine crackers in Bakersfield, California, is managed by the dysfunctional Hornsby family. When senile patriarch and CEO Theodore Hornsby Sr.’s mind starts to depreciate, his two sons Stebe and Theodore “Theo” Jr. are made to manage the failing company while staying in their father’s mansion with Stebe’s wife Deb and their son Matt, handling competition from Dennison Snacks and experiencing a number of misadventures along the way.

Avenue 5

She featured as Mia, a passenger and Doug’s wife in a science fiction comedy TV series Avenue 5. Avenue 5 had been said to “set in the future, mostly in space.” On board the interplanetary cruise ship Avenue 5, a shot absence of artificial gravity and the accidental death of the chief engineer made the vessel to take another direction 0.21 degrees from its intended route. The ship is expected to spend three years to come back to Earth, and with barely enough supplies to keep her many passengers on bord for the purposed eight-week journey, the crew of the Avenue 5 must work hard to maintain discipline and come back in the spaceship safely.


  •  2020 – Like a Boss
  • 2020 – Superintelligence
  •  2018 – Dog Days
  •  2017 – The House
  •  2015 – Addicted to Fresno
  •  2013 – Afternoon Delight
  •  2013 – Enough Said
  •  2012 – Wanderlust
  •  2012 – The Dictator
  •  2011 – Bridesmaids
  •  2010 – She’s Out of My League
  •  2010 – The Big Dog
  •  2010 – The Red Roof Inn Chronicles
  •  2010 – Life As We Know It
  •  2009 – Stay Cool

TV Shows

  •  2024 – Night Court
  • 2024 – Loot
  •  2023–present – Royal Crackers
  •  2023 – How I Met Your Father
  •  2023 – A Million Little Things
  •  2023 – History of the World, Part II
  •  2023 – Based on a True Story
  •  2020–2022 – Avenue 5
  •  2020–2021 – The Goldbergs
  •  2020 – Space Force
  •  2020 – Close Enough
  •  2020 – Central Park
  •  2019–2022 – American Dad!
  •  2019 – Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television
  •  2019 – Arrested Development
  •  2019 – Man with a Plan



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