Josh Cooley Biography, Age, Career, Film and Television Credits

By | March 18, 2024

Josh Cooley Biography

Josh is an animator, director, screenwriter and voice-over actor from the US. Cooley is famous for his part in the film Inside Out (2015) on Pixar and for featuring in Riley’s First Date?, a short film, as a director. His first film on a directorial capacity was the film Toy Story 4 (2019), the 4th film installment of the Toy Story film franchise series.

How old is Josh Cooley?

He was born in 1980 in Los Angeles, California, US. The artist is 40 years old as of May 23rd, 2020.

Josh Cooley Career

He was employed by Joe Ranft at the Pixar Animation Studios, where he began his profession as an intern, mostly serving as a storyboard artist in several films like The Incredibles in 2004, Cars in 2006, Ratatouille in 2007, Up in 2009, and Cars 2 in 2011. In 2009, Cooley authored and directed a short film George & A.J. for Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures.

Come 2015, Cooley served as a screenwriter and storyboard supervisor in the film Inside Out. The film was unveiled on June 19th 2015 by the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. In the same year, he authored and directed another short film called Riley’s First Date? which unveiled together with the Inside Out’s Blu-ray. In 2019, Cooley made his first directorial feature with Pixar’s Toy Story 4.

Josh Cooley Film and Television Series Credits

  •  2019 – Toy Story 4 as a director
  • 2015 – The Good Dinosaur
  •  2015 – Riley’s First Date? as a writer, director and voice of Dad’s Sadness
  •  2015 – Inside Out as a screenplay writer (with Pete Docter and Meg LeFauve), storyboard supervisor and the voice of Jangles the Clown
  • 2011 – Cars 2 as a storyboard artist
  •  2009 – George and A.J. as a writer, and director
  •  2009 – Up as a storyboard artist
  •  2007 – Ratatouille as a storyboard artist
  •  2006 – Cars as a storyboard artist
  •  2004 – The Incredibles as a storyboard artist

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