Sebastian Neil Walker, Age, Family, Parents, Children, Net Worth

By | March 28, 2024

Sebastian Neil Walker Biography

Sebastian is a professional in information technology consultancy practicing with financial companies in London and he is a graduate of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

How old is Sebastian Neil Walker?

He was given birth to in Londan in the year 1975. Sebastian is 46 years old as of 2021.

Sebastian Neil Walker Family

Sebastian was born to Veronica S. Walker, a property manager in Johannesburg, and the late Neil P. Walker, a retired high school mathematics teacher in Johannesburg.

Sebastian Neil Walker and Dr. Leana Sheryle Wen

He is a husband to Dr. Leana Sheryle Wen. Lean is a 3-year-old urgent resident at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and at the general hospital in Boston Massachusetts. The two married on February 7th 2012, at Boston City Hall and their marriage was formalized by the Boston city clerk Maureen E. Feeney. The couple took part in the Webersburg Winery in Cape Town blessing ceremony. The Methodist Ministry Rev. Kevin Needham stare headed the ceremony incorporating traditional weddings in China and South Africa.

Sebastian and Dr. Leana Sheryle Love Journey

The two New each other in London in August 2008. At the time he was a student of Oxford, Dr. Wen, a native of Shanghai. Her thesis was done in Cape Town, completely foreign to her. When she went through internet, a man with a stack of books about China sort for her attention. She proceeded to the travel area of a London bookstore. Mr. Walker wanted to know from her whether she came from China and told her that he was making arrangements to go there. Soon Dr. Wen discovered that Mr. Walker was from South Africa. They spent two additional hours in the coffee shop in the bookstore. Mr. Walker asked Dr. Wen they could have dinner during that conversation.

Dr. Wen traveled to South Africa a week after, and he and Mr. Walker retained e-mail contact. When she returned to Oxford that fall, but in June 2009 Dr. Wen went back to Boston to begin her residency, her relationship began in earnest. Mr. Walker has juggled his job schedule so that each month he could travel thousands of miles to Boston.

Sebastian Children

Sebastian together with his wife are blessed with two children whose identity is not unveiled.

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