Theodora Holmes, Troy Polamalu’s Wife, Age, Bio, Brothers, Kids, Charity

By | March 25, 2024

Theodora Holmes Biography

Theodora is Troy Polamalu’s wife, a renown NFL football player who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers throughout his 12-year sports profession. Theodora is a daughter to former University of Michigan football player Mike Holmes.

How old is Theodora Holmes?

Her age is not revealed as details of her birth date have remained a secret. Nevertheless, she was born in San Diego, California and has Greek descent, therefore making her a Greek-American.

Theodora Holmes Family

Theodora hails from a family of footballers with her father, Mike Holmes, being a former player at the University of Michigan and her two siblings Alex Holmes and Khaled Holmes are footballers too. The elder brother Alex is a former NFL tight end player while Khaled plays in the center position and is a free agent currently. The Holmes’ matriarch is called Katina Holmes.

Theodora Holmes Husband

Theodora and her siblings went to the USC, where she met the love of her life, his name, Troy Aumua Polamalu. He is an American retired NFL football player of Samoan descent. Theodora and Polamalu were first introduced to one other by Theodora’s eldest brother, Alex Holmes. They started their relationship and soon, Polamalu got drafted to Pittsburgh. Come 2003, Theodora became so close to her boyfriend and in 2004, they were engaged. Finally, in 2005, they tied the knot according to the Greek Orthodox religion and have remained married ever since.

Theodora Holmes and Troy Polamalu Children

Their marriage has been blessed by two young boys; Paisios Polamalu who was born on October 31st 2008 and Ephraim Polamalu who was born on September 16th 2010.

Theodora Holmes The Harry Panos Fund

The two love birds take part in many charity initiatives to give back to the society. These include charity organizations such as The Harry Panos Fund that was put up in honor of Theodora’s grandfather who worked in the World War II and FOCUS North America that is based on helping the needy, among others.

The Harry Panos Fund, called after Harry Panos who worked as an artilleryman in the Okinawa and Saipan battles at the time of WWII, was put up by Theodora and her husband Polamalu. What acted as an encouragement for them to start the initiative were the stories of what the experience was like for Panos.

One of the fund’s objectives is helping younger veterans, many with terrifying injuries, who have come back from service in their places of deployment. More so, it concentrates on helping US foreign war veterans, who have a hard time with their health and finances.

All these was further boosted after Troy visited hurt soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital, in 2006, and he was actively involved in helping Iraqi and Afghan veterans. He was ignited by the courage of a young woman, about the age of 18 or 19, who had lost her limbs in an Iraq war.

As a family, Theodora and Polamalu press on to participate in charity work.

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