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By | March 4, 2024

Toby Ord Biography

He is an Australian philosopher who formed Giving What We Can, an international society whose members vow to donate at least 10% of their income to effective charities in 2009. He is as well a significant figure in the effective altruism movement, which advocates using reason and evidence to better the lives of many people as much as possible.

How old is Toby Ord?

He was born in 1979 in Melbourne, Australia in. Toby will be turning 44 years old by July 2023. His official names are Toby David Godfrey Ord.

Toby Ord Family – Education

He afterwards gained admission at the University of Melbourne, where studied computer science. After finishing his first degree, he shifted to philosophy to continue with his quest in ethics. Ord went to the University of Oxford and graduated with a B.Phil. and a D.Phil. in philosophy.

Toby Ord Wife

Ord lives in Oxford together with his wife, Bernadette Young, a physician.

Toby Ord Giving What We Can

At Oxford, Ord purposed to give a sizable amount of his income to cost-effective charities he could locate. Because of a number of inquiries from persons interested in making a similar charity act, Ord decided to start an organization with the purpose of helping like-minded donors.

Come 2009, Ord established Giving What We Can, an international organization that the members have promised to give at least 10% of their income to the most cost-effective charity. The organization is related to participating in the effective altruism movement.Giving What We Can focuses not just to urge people to give more money to charity, but also to insist on the necessity of donating to the most cost-efficient organizations, explaining that “findings reveal that some are up to 1,000 times as effective as others.”

Giving What We Can had members upto 4,500 by February 2020, and they had guaranteed more than $1.5 billion to charitable causes. First, Ord himself made decided to set a salary ceiling of £20,000 ever year and give all of his extra earnings to carefully considered charitable causes. After one year, he cut off this amount to £18,000. This reduction increases yearly due to inflation. By December 2019, he had donated out £106,000, or 28% of his income. He concluded that he will have given out about £1 million in total during his career.

Toby Ord Book

Toby’s book, The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity, were released in March 2020. The New Yorker elaborates on Ord’s study motivations. Ord has wroght papers on the viability and possibility of hypercomputation, which are computational models that can result to non-Turing-computable outputs, like a computer capable of solving the halting problem.

Toby Ord Career

He’s been a senior researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford from 2014. Ord refers to his interest as “the big picture questions facing humanity.” Toby is a trustee of the Center for Effective Altruism and the non-profit organization 80,000 Hours, where he undertakes research on jobs that benefits social impact and gives career recommendations according to his findings.

Ord’s work is most based on moral philosophy. In practical ethics, he has given interest to bioethics, moral demands, and global priorities. He has also given contributions to global health, working as an advisor on the third edition of the Disease Control Priorities Project. In normative ethics, his research has based on consequentialism, and moral uncertainty. In normative ethics, his research has focused on consequentialism and moral uncertainty. Ord’s current primary research topic is existential danger.

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