Violet McGraw, Age, Birthday, Nationality, Relationship, Height

By | April 13, 2024

Violet McGraw Biography

Violet is a young and gifted American actress famous for her first role in the 2018 TV series called “Love”. Violet has also featured in different commercial spots for various companies and brands.

Parents | Siblings

Violet grew up under the care of her loving parents in California, her father’s name is Jackie McGraw while her mother’s identity remains unknown. She grew up together with her three siblings, her elder brother and twins Madeleine McGraw and Aidan McGraw.


McGraw’s got into the entertainment industry and has been nothing less remarkable. Her fist credited part in the TV series Love (2016) as the repetitive character Nina sported the beginning of an illustrious journey.

Come 2018, she did her foray into feature films with a not forgettable feature in Ready Player One (2018), showcasing her experience and talent on the big screen.

Beyond TV and film, Violet’s excellent skills as an actress stretched to commercial spots for many companies and brands, endorsing her presence in the entertainment realm.

Her most recognizable roles further garners attention, with her acting of Young Eleanor “Nell” in the acclaimed Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House (2018) and her powerful performance as Violet in the feature film Doctor Sleep (2019).

Getting from her big experiences in the horror genre, Violet lent her insight and skills to her older sister Madeleine at the time of the latter’s involvement in the horror film The Black Phone, a testament to the bond embedded between the gifted siblings.

Come 2021, Violet made her highly expected debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring a young Yelena Belova in Black Widow, together with the adult version acted by Florence Pugh.

Her notable year goes on with her part in Separation (2021) as Jenny Vahn, showcasing her skills to immerse herself in numerous characters and narratives.

partnering with fellow child star Amie Donald in the Universal Pictures’ technological horror film M3GAN, unveiled in January 2023, Violet’s gift shone brightly, generating accolades for her performance.

The bond forged with Donald at the time of filming was evident, showing the camaraderie and friendship that was so bright on set, as stated by The Hollywood Reporter.

In a testament to her expanding greatness, Violet’s journey goes on to soar with her featuring Wonderfully with Dragons in May 2023, much more embedding her status as a fast growing star in the entertainment industry.

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