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By | June 17, 2024

Courtney Henggeler Biography

Courtney Henggeler is an American actress famous for her part in the Netflix comedy-drama TV series Cobra Kai and the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Courtney Henggeler Age

Henggeler is 42 years old as of 11th December 2020. She was born in the year 1978 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, US.

Courtney Henggeler Family

Come October the year 2015, Henggeler got married to Ross Kohn. They have been blessed with two kids.

Courtney Henggeler Education

Henggeler’s debut acting lessons were in Los Angeles. When she was in grade nine, her childhood best friend Patti talked her into auditioning for a high school production of Carousel.

Courtney Henggeler Cobra Kai

She acted the part of Amanda LaRusso in the American martial arts comedy-drama streaming TV series Cobra Kai.


Johnny Lawrence opted to reopen the Cobra Kai karate dojo 34 years later after defeat by Daniel LaRusso in the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament. His hardwork to change Cobra Kai are rekindled by the resurgence of his rivalry with Daniel. The main relationships of Robby, Daniel, Sam, and Miguel take the plot forward. All through the third season, flashbacks depict Kreese’s time in Vietnam and how it molded him into the merciless and ruthless man he is now. The rivalry between the Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang, and Miyagi Do dojos comes up eventually.

Courtney Henggeler Mom

She featured as Claudia, Gabriel’s wealthy and snobbish wife, who takes charge of the restaurant from him and shortly appoints Christy as a manager in the American TV sitcom Mom.


Christy Plunkett makes up her mind to start her life a fresh in Napa, California after struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. Bonnie, Christy’s mother, is as well a recovering addict. The show gets deeper into the private lives of her friends who she disconnected from. Christy pursues her ambition of becoming a lawyer, while Bonnie falls in love with a retired stuntman.

Courtney Henggeler The Big Bang Theory

She was featured as Missy Cooper, Sheldon’s fraternal twin sister in the American TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory.


She is cast as a spoiled, snarky, and jaded 9-year-old who goes to competition with Sheldon for their parents’ attention. She loves seeing Sheldon’s bad luck and loneliness at school. Nevertheless, she is shown to pocess a high EQ and all the time consoles her brother when she notices that he is low. Missy, different from her brothers, showed little interest or aptitude in schoolwork reason being she found it difficult. She spent all the time at home watching televition and ignoring her homework. She later natures interest in baseball, which she only went for in order to impress a boy she has a crush on.

Courtney Henggeler Movies

  •  2018 – Nobody’s Fool
  • 2017 – Fixed
  •  2017 – Feed
  •  2013 – Kristin’s Christmas Past
  •  2012 – Hitting the Cycle
  •  2011 – Friends with Benefits
  •  2010 – True Love
  •  2010 – Peas in a Pod
  •  2010 – Wing Bitches
  •  2009 – Two Dollar Beer

Courtney Henggeler TV Shows

  •  2018–present – Cobra Kai
  • 2018 – Jane the Virgin
  •  2018 – Fuller House
  •  2016 – Mary + Jane
  •  2016 – Henry Danger
  •  2016 – Bones
  •  2015 – Stitchers
  •  2014 – Royal Pains
  •  2014 – Franklin & Bash
  •  2014 – Faking It
  •  2014 – The Mysteries of Laura
  •  2013–2015 – Mom

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